My Fitzmas List


I’ve seen the word: Schadenfreude being used a lot in media lately. And that’s exactly what I feel these days. I actually enjoy seeing these neo-con thugs sweat and squirm. I know it’s just rumors … but we might see some indictments coming today. Here’s my wish list for Fitzmas:

* Cheney
* Rove
* Scooter (Libby)
* Hadley (if not now, he’ll be going down later – if the article series from La Republica is correct – apparently, a commission from the Italian parliament will conduct hearings next week – yeeeey!)

But I’m not greedy. I’ll settle for Rove and Cheney for now, the rest will come later :)

Oh boy, this mess will be bigger than Watergate. I’ve got a bottle of Champaign ready in the fridge, just in case…

…oh, and I’ve ordered Al Franken’s new book “The Truth (with Jokes)” - yesterday – should have it by tomorrow – *yeyeye*)

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